Goal Directed Project Management is a results driven methodology. It is fast to deploy and makes sure the team is focused on what matters.

What is it all about?

The central focus of Goal Directed Project Management is to develop understanding, commitment and involvement while managing successful and lasting change. GDPM emphasise the need for a ‘PSO’ (People, System and Organization) perspective that goes beyond the technical aspects dealt with by most project management approaches, enhancing and prolonging the life of a project by allowing the people and organization involved to develop simultaneously with the system.

GDPM gives detailed and practical guidance on how to plan, organize and control these PSO projects effectively, presenting methods and tools that will increase significantly the probability of project success.

The essence of GDPM

The essence of GDPM is not about slavishly following a process. It is all about people interaction, gaining consensus and engagement. ‘Those who deliver – do plan the project’ It is also iterative – embedding risks, stakeholder management and other activities back into the plan to make the milestones more robust. This means that risks / issues are not managed in isolation but as part of the normal delivery progress review.

Citation from Nigel C.

The GDPM founders and others in Brussels (2015).