Project management services


We champion GDPM, one of the most effective and straightforward approaches.

GDPM is supported by software.

PMBOK, the flagship book of is well known, broad and encompasses all project management  processes and more. It is a useful guide for any project management professional.

Agile management is the application of the principles of Agile software development to various management processes, particularly project management.

Referred to as “an agile project management framework” its focus is on the use of an empirical process that allows teams to respond rapidly, efficiently and effectively to change.

Project management is becoming more crucial to the success of companies. It is easy to get lost in methods, procedures, paperwork and ineffective systems. What is needed is an effective project management approach which motivates and keeps the focus on actual project work, supported with the right tools.

Only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management.

93% of organizations report using standardized project management practices.
Project Management Institute

Project management training

When everybody in the company speaks the same project management “language” this greatly increases both effectiveness and project management efficiency. Meeting project dead-lines, within budget and according to set parameters becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Our training programs are a blended mix of theory and practice.

Our delivery platform is tailored to your needs: both virtual and online. Some topics will and should be conducted in person to reach its objectives. 

We have trained over more than 550 people.

Project management coaching

We coach person-to-person or in small groups. This can be very useful when projects need alignment, rescuing or when somebody will be promoted and needs some grooming. Our coaching focuses on the necessary areas of attention.


Project management consulting

Project teams might be focused on a particular issue or challenge which needs to be resolved. Consult us so we can work out some viable options together.

Consulting focuses on improving current project management systems and work methods, or looking at possibilities to upgrade the current system.

Project management tools

It is crucial that the right software solutions / applications are implemented, which suit the needs of both the end users and the company.

Many systems are too complex or demand extensive training and support. Hence, efficiency is lost and people waste time on administrative project management tasks. 

There are better options which better suit the needs of end users and which are cost effective. We make it work for you!

Strategic management services

Strategy needs to be implemented. Objectives need to be reached. The bottom line. This is where we usually see a gap. Closing the gap between intended strategy and actual strategy can be challenging. 

Strategic plans need to be practical leading to action plans (projects) which need to be executed. People need to be held accountable. We offer a variety of services: strategy sessions, closing the accountability gap, project alignment and more. We offer training, coaching and consulting services. 

Human resources management services

Job descriptions: job descriptions are a vital tool for a number of applications: recruitment, determining the remuneration (salary structure), performance management and career planning.

Performance management: measure performance, motivate people and measure against set strategies. Make sure people in your organization are happy and accountable.

Career planning: what are the prospects in the company? How to provide prospect in a flat organization? 

Crisis management: what action plans do you have in place to deal with emergencies? Can you act fast, concise and consistent to all people in your organization?